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Valentines Day was not any better than Xmas

My daughter cried as she called 911 Sat night. He had done destroyed the nightstand on my side of the bed, ripped up a senior 8x10 of myself, and broke my phone, again. He had slept in his boys' room since Valentines night. I had just gotten home from town and woke him up to start the grill and give him and my daughter Celena their Valentines gifts. I forgot marinaide for the steaks, ok. I or sis will go grab some I said. Then Celena told me her date for the Formal dance coming up on Sat was on his way over to stop in and meet me, ok that's cool. He was suppose to be here anytime so after he left we would run to the grocery store to get what I forgot. After the kid left Brian got up and walked outside and turned off the grill and went back inside and went to bed. I was furious. He said he wanted to grill, ok, so I walked out and started the grill back up and fixed dinner myself. I took him a plate into the bedroom, woke him and asked him to eat. He replied with "leave me alone and let me sleep.". I left the plate on the nightstand and walked out. Moments later I hear the plate hit the hardwood floor, he threw it to the puppy. He marched into his boys' room locking the door behind him.


I saw it from the beginning but thought it was no big 10 months later, I'm in he'll literally!


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